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Claire Beale
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Claire Beale

Date of birth 25.Sep.77
Country of residence United Kingdom

I collect things. Bubble wrap; lengths of fabric and plastic that I am not sure what they were intended for; elastic bands dropped by the postman; electrical tape; laminate floor underlay; castors. Sometimes instead of collecting I refuse to throw things out. Broken crockery; bust fairy lights; used masking tape. I notice these things because I like the sort of stuff that is overlooked, bypassed or disregarded by others. I keep these things and collect more of the same when I come across them. Like the lists I find when shopping. I buy and furtively pick things up I find in the streets, along footpaths and in the fields.

I look at what I have collected. Scrutinise the surface, the form and colour. Then I play with this stuff. Can it be stacked, piled or rolled up? I keep the rolled up underlay in shape by taping down the length with parcel tape. It has to be cut with scissors not torn with teeth and placed only 5mm in from each end and stuck evenly. I arrange most of it on the floor. Cluster it in groups of similar attributes: alike in shape or colour or uselessness. Move them into other groupings. Creating and inhabiting space on the floor. The things become part of a system. A system that occurs from playing but one that changes as itsí categories are refined. Each time the work is situated the components are placed differently not always to a large degree but precisely changing the items and the space.

The act of playing with this stuff is a translation. It is about striving to understand the world around me. Making sense of the things I am drawn to, about levelling hierarchy. It is about observing and pointing out the quiet, forgotten and invisible.