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Alena Anderlova

Date of birth 23.Jun.77
Place of birth Klatovy
Country of residence Czech Republic

"One of the most important motif in my work is contrast nature and technical civilization. There are my own contemporary person experiences from everyday live existence. For example - duel animals and cars is in the cycle "Rallye Sumava", where are rabbits running ahead of the cars. Or in the picture "Race" where is duel train and wolf.
There are grotesque and certain tension in my paintings. Important pictures series is for me the "Metro" cycle. I placed there scenes from nature- fishing, chase, hunt, in to the decorative application of the underground's walls..I wanted symbolic transfer a little bit nature in to the Prague underground stations.
Conflict between natural and technical world is in the animals portraits too. For example in the picture "Green Cow", where are reflects shadows from the metal fold on the cows body.
I preffer oil painting in my work. I use acryl colours and spreys and tencils too (for example in the picture "Wolf's Dream").
There pervade imagination and reality, traditional painting elements and fresh spreys effects in my work. That all together mix create little stories like in the real life.
Light and atmosphere play important part in my works. My pictures have lyric express form with exaggerations colours.
We are witness of technicals world impact in to the nature and I describe this world und uncover beauty and irony in our contemporary existence."

She studied at Academy of Fine Arts Prague and lives and works in Klatovy, Czech Republic

Solo exhibitions:
2003 Cajovna U naší Milé paní, Klatovy, CZ
2004 Galerie VIA ART ( s M. Bednárem), Prague, CZ
Galerie Gibacht, D
2005 Burglengenfeld, D
2006 Galerie Dorka, Domažlice, CZ
2007 Galerie Via art, Prague, CZ

Group exhibitions:
1994 - symposium Tolerance a intolerance, Lion, FR
1995 - Zámek Jemnište, CZ
2000 - A. Strížek a jeho žáci, Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Prague, CZ
2001 Café Clip, Prague, CZ
„Sedm v ríjnu už v dubnu“, galerie Naše Vaše, Prague, CZ
Malírská škola A.Strížka, Wortner?v dum AJG Ceské Budejovice, CZ
2002 Cajovna U naší Milé paní v Klatovech
„Feria de Nimes“, Nimes, FR
2003 - „Tavba“, Mestské muzeum a galerie ve Svitavách, CZ
„ Kalba“, galerie Katakomby - Divadlo Husa na Provázku, Brno, Muzeum Klatovy, CZ, Freyung, D
„Hlucný odb?r“, Divadlo Oskara Nedbala, Tábor, CZ
2004 „Dream-Team“, Dáblova galerie, Prague, CZ
„Sichr je sichr“- Galerie Vltavín, Prague, CZ
„Triplex Pinxit“,Vsetín Zámek
„Animálie“- Galerie ceské plastiky, Prague, CZ
2005 Studenti M. Rittsteina , Práchenské muzeum , Písek, CZ
Artkontakt – Brno, Louny, Praha, Opava, CZ
Diplomanti AVU – NG, Veletržní palác, Prague, CZ
„Les“ Galerie mesta Plzne, CZ
„Kunstkaufhaus“, Regensburg, D
2006 Muzeum Klatovy, CZ
X+X- Galerie U bílého jednorožce, Klatovy
„Približovadla“- Galerie ceské plastiky, Prague, CZ
„ Open ateliers „ s J. Bolfem a J. Vicarem, Freising , D
Schonse, D
2007 Schafhof, , europäisches kün


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