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Alex Holland

Date of birth 23.Mar.82
Country of residence Portugal

Alex Holland was born in Yorkshire, UK, in 1982. After graduating in 2004 with an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London, he pursued his passion and embarked on a freelance career in photography. Since 2004 he has held many successful exhibitions, is regularly published internationally and has built up one of the most revered collections of contemporary London.

He is currently working on photographing European capitals, with London representing his finest collection spanning nine years work. To capture atmospheric images of well-known locations from an original and fresh perspective he often photographs between sunset and sunrise.

Over the last nine years, Alex has established a reputation for providing high quality artwork to corporate and personal clients from Europe, America and Asia. The German publishing company teNeues have chosen Alex's London work for their calendars and diaries since 2008.

Alex lives in Porto, Portugal.


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