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Alex Michon
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Alex Michon

Country of residence United Kingdom

Michonís practice is emblematic of 90s Third Wave obsession with punk, girls with guitars, anti-consumerism and the fetishization of ambiguity. Utilising drawing, painting and craft techniques she makes interventions with post-feminist attitudes, creating very personal essays: Decoupages over pages of romantic fiction disrupt concepts of ideal love, and revel in a fascination with dark romanticism. Drawings and paintings of Beatniks, Ronettes, dandies and 50s heart throb Billy Fury, reveal a contemporary obsessional need to create uber worlds of lost longing.

She lives and works in London and studied at Central Saint Martins. She writes for Arty and Garageland, and co-directs Transition Gallery.

Selected exhibitions include: 2005 The English Museum, Transition Gallery. 2004: Girl on Girl, Transition Gallery. 2003 Fanclub, Rosy Wilde, London.