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Country of residence United Kingdom

Cartrain from Leytonstone is a street artist that works with stencils and collage. He talks politics and has a good sense of humour; in fact he’s a contemporary satirist. His collages are stunningly beautiful. They are made out of cardboard and photocopies and you find them glued on walls in the Brick Lane / Shoreditch area mainly. Some of them are a contrast of black and white and saturated colour images; some others are pure poetic black and white pictures .Gorgeous models and fat pigs, Queens selling pound a bowl, Michelangelo’s Pieta’ and robotic mums, BLiar, Brown and the Empire strikes back are some of the many comments that you find in his work if you only stop and look at it. This work is introspective, surrealist, critical, piss taking and the key hole is the news. I’m amazed by how superficial some self described art critics can be. I’m talking about the fella that writes for G2.
Take another look mate!
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