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Country of residence United Kingdom

Cyclops look at the world with one eye, we all know that.

Cyclops the artist has in fact two eyes or even more. He doesnít like one dimension only and you can see what Iím talking about if you look at his work. Do you remember the Japanese robot cartoons from the 80ís? They could work on their own (as individuals) but they were much stronger when assembled together to make a bigger robot (team work).Dear old Japanese values. Cyclops works on his own; his logo is a one eyed Charlie Brown, but he gives his best when working together with Sweet Toof or Mau Mau.
Where Sweet Toof makes pink gums and white teeth, Cyclops adds skulls and tired (or stoned if you like) eyes. Where Mau Mau makes the pretty girls, Cyclops makes monster heads coming out of their brains.
Public art BC,


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