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Francesca Simon

Date of birth 01.Jul.53
Place of birth Singapore
Country of residence United Kingdom

Francesca Simon works in Vauxhall and also in Glaisdale, North Yorkshire. Principally a painter, she also makes etchings. Her work continues to explore possibilities within abstraction and is characterised by an economy of language and form, achieved through processes of reduction. In some of her work the certainty of geometry is set against the physicality of gesture; at other times she blurs this division, imbuing gesture with the fixed quality of geometry. And some of the work refers to its own history through windows into layers beneath the surface, which might at first sight be taken for elements of collage, thus adding a deliberate ambiguity to the overall scheme. She enjoys the physical properties of paint and pigment on canvas, as much as the metaphysical potential of the base ingredients.
Matthew Collings wrote about her work recently, 'All there is in a painting is there in the first few seconds of seeing it, but the rest is what makes it worth coming back to for a lifetime. This is the difficulty and interest of Francesca Simon's path as an artist. Symmetry, muted colours, limited forms, these are her visual means. Pattern, metaphor -- these are what she offers, pictures of existence.'

2010 MA Degree Show, Central Saint Martins, 2010 nothing to be done, Empire Gallery, Vyner Street, 2010 Scratching the Surface, BayArt, Cardiff, 2010 Necessary Illusions, The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, 2009 London Group Open, Menier Gallery, Southwark, 2009 Ghosts, The Cello Factory, Waterloo, 2007 Scratching the Surface, abstract paintings by Stewart Geddes, Clyde Hopkins, Francesca Simon and Gary Wragg, The Drawing Schools Eton, 2006 Circus, The Empire, Bethnal Green, 2006 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, 2006 Reflected Images, the Gallery Upstairs, Pimlico
2005 Sheridan Russell Gallery, 2005 Life Squared, a Microsoft Event, Fulham.
Events Tate Britain and Vauxhall Street Space Studios Art Walk, 08.Dec.07, 1pm


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