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Georgie Hopton
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Georgie Hopton

Place of birth North Yorkshire
Country of residence United Kingdom

Hopton paints sculptures she likes. Many of the works she represents reflect artistic and aesthetic concerns which are out of place in the cultural climate of the present: the loose handling and deft grasp of human form and posture in a Degas figure study for example; or the biomorphic distortion and monumentality of a Henry Moore nude. Yet the attraction Hopton feels toward them is not in essence conditioned by a sense of identification with the specific cultural values the sculptures represent:- it is more as if she empathises with the very outlandishness of the sculptures themselves, something she identifies as a somewhat lost and isolated quality.
There is a sense in which figurative sculpture, more pointedly than any other medium or genre, embodies the absurd and tragic yearning of the artwork, on the behalf of its creator, to become something more than a dumb object. Sculptures sometimes look as if they are desperately attempting to masquerade as denizens of the organic world, stoicly weathering the incongruity of their inert materiality, the indifference of the living, the relentless and sustained erosion, the rain and the pigeon shit. There is something pathetic, in the proper sense of the term, about their condition and it is this sense of pathos that draws Hopton to them.

She studied at St Martins School of Art London 1986 - 89

Selected exibitions:
Jan 2005 Marc Selwyn Fine Art, LA, California
Jan 2004 New Work, William Ling Fine Art, London
Nov 2003 Peter Blake Sculpture, The London
May 2003 Independence, South London Gallery,
Apr 2003 Glamour, British Council Window
Gallery, Prague
20th Anniversary Show, Monika Spruth -Philomene Magers, Koln, Germany

Jan 2003 Laughed - I Could Have Cried, Milton Keynes
Gallery, Milton Keynes
May 2002 Royal Academy Summer Show, London.

Jul 2000 “OO”, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, NY,

Konfrontace, Czech Centre, London

Dec 1999 Commissioned quilts, Christopher Farr

Oct 1999 Papermake, Modern Art, London

Sep1999 ArtLovers, Compton House, Liverpool