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Giusseppe Lund

Country of residence United Kingdom

In the 1980's he encouraged the Victoria & Albert Museum in London to have an international exhibition of forged ironwork, "Towards a New Iron Age" and he was an advisor to the Crafts Council of Great Britain when the International Conferences of Blacksmiths were held at Hereford, UK.Sites you may know in London are Victoria Plaza at Victoria Station, Westferry Circus at Canary Wharf, and the Queen Elizabeth Gate at Hyde Park.
Thanks to tremendous support from the Crafts Council, The National Coalboard, British Steel and a wide variety of dedicated clients Giusseppe was able to establish two large studios and to train several young people.

At present, I am working on an entrance for the new Sun Life building in Bristol, a life-size sculpture of a Viking ship for Laags in Scotland , and an entrance for Circus Space, Hoxton Square in London. There are also two community projects on the go, Metalgarden and an instalation for the Sea walk at Hythe, Hampshire, England.
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