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Lawson Oyekan

Place of birth London, England

Lawson Oyekan’s sculptures range from a series of delicate, thrown porcelain pots to towering, monolithic terracotta constructions. These latter works are covered with minimal slips and possess an earthy, alive feeling. Pieced together from hand-sized, hand-formed patties, these vessels compare in size and form to the human figure. The artist scores and marks the individual patties, at times with inscriptions in Yoruban. As he builds, the artist punctures areas to allow the passage of light and air through his work. Combined in these imperfect, towering forms, the patties tell the story of creation, torn down and rebuilt in a constant, inventive motion. These dramatic constructions are remarkable for their ability to acknowledge, and then transcend, material process and tradition in pottery. Simultaneously strong and vulnerable, they celebrate the precarious balance of our physical and spiritual existence. They are the product of a man who has felt the complexities of our world.
Public art Trial with Light


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