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Maslen & Mehra

Date of birth 01.Jun.70
Place of birth Australia/UK
Country of residence United Kingdom

Working in a diverse, imaginative and experimental graphic language, Maslen & Mehras' collaborative practice engages in dialogues which compare, contrast and juxtapose the natural and human world in which we live. They have exhibited extensively internationally and recently a monograph dedicated to their work was published with support from the Arts Council Of England.

‘Lying behind both the Native images, and the images of the Mirrored series that are their antonym, lies a longing for an Edenic world that perhaps never truly existed in fact. I think it is part of the fascination of these works that they both preach a certain kind of morality, a morality of respect for nature, and at the same time question it. You can inhabit these scenes, but only as a ghost. The problems they pose are ultimately insoluble – there are no slick solutions to be found here.’
Quote from Mirrored – Maslen & Mehra monograph published by Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg.


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