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Robin Dixon
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Robin Dixon

Place of birth Harlow
Country of residence United Kingdom

My paintings have been predominantly landscape based, involving strong structural elements which I use as a means of exploring depth and spatial order.
I use photographs I have taken, also diagrams and illustrations from scientific textbooks.The combination of these sources helps to describe unseen elements or forces, echoing transformations which are taking place around us.
The diagrams can be the starting point or alternatively I create a space within the painting in which structures can be placed. The paintings often develop over several sessions of work and frequently depart from the original "plan".

Selected Exhibitions:
Unnatural Histories, Nunnery Gallery, London
New Paintings, 2 person show, Seven Seven Gallery, London
Jerwood Contemporary Painters, Jerwood Space, London (Touring)
Mist and Bells, Seven Seven Gallery, London
Solo Show, Societe des Arts Technologiques, Montreal, Canada
No-Ship, Seven Seven Gallery, London
Stars Down to Earth, Nunnery Gallery, London
Tower of Babel, Limehouse Arts Foundation, London
Black Bile, Three Colts Gallery, London
Minimal as Maximal, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles