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Place of birth Japan
Country of residence United Kingdom

Fire & Heat
Through her paintings she explores the idea of fire as a power source linked through the natural and emotional world to us; a synthesizing between our emotions and the energy created from the heat of fire. Fire creates energy –a force-, which has the ability to create strong reactions within us, whether this is of joy, fear or sadness there is a connection.

Yuco’s interest and visual exploration of this subject is linked to generations of curiosity in the role of fire in society and religion. It is one of the most basic elements of not only our existence but of the universe. Written about in mythology by many different cultures and throughout history fire has always played out a dual role.
Some stories of fire and the god of fire involve misfortune and tragedy, it is seen as a disruptive element– racing and leaping like a living thing destroying all in its path. Whilst at the same time fire is also perceived to be quiet, warm, beautiful and embodying creative possibility. It is our source of heat and light and we only have to think of the phoenix rising from the flames to consider the rejuvenative associations linked to fire.

Yuco is very responsive to the feel and look of fire creating form and structure through a convergence between the reaction to the heat and the shapes created by the flames. Initially, charring paper, photographing and sketching flames. She abstracts the shapes created to inform her paintings. She considers the shapes, shadows and the different qualities to colour created by the light of a flame.
Fusing our emotional response to heat with the aesthetic qualities of fire she creates modern day visceral interpretations of the story of fire.

-written by HABDA RASHID-