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Zara Matthews
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Zara Matthews

Country of residence United Kingdom

Zara Matthews’ paintings give the impression of mechanical reproductions rather than having been produced by hand. Continuing a lineage from Andy Warhol’s machine-like silk screens and Gerhard Richter’s photo-paintings, her paintings of serially repetitive portraits tend to destabilize sameness, producing instead what Foucault calls similitudes: a site not of identity maintenance, but of both likeness and difference. Born out of a curiosity with cloning and genomics, her work reflects on the effects of this biological revolution on human coexistence, individuality and people’s self-image.

She lives and works in London and studied at the Royal College of Art, Kingston Polytechnic and Goldsmiths College. Her works are in the collection of: DLA Art Collection; The Royal College of Art; Victoria and Albert Museum; British Museum; Quod, London.