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Andy Seize

  • Andy Seize
  • Andy ‘Seize’ Quammie graduated with a BA Hons in Painting @ Central Saint Martin's in 1996. Born and raised in Hackney, Andy belongs at the cutting edge of the 21st century's Avant Garde movement; his work embodies all the vibrancy and optimism of 1980s Graffiti art, rejuvenated by a constant barrage of fresh and innovative ideas. Feverishly hawked by lifestyle magazines like Vogue and Attitude, who have devloped something of a penchant for decking out their models with his trademark, 80s-style Graffitied denim jackets. Seize is no ordinary St. Martin’s graduate. Having already achieved cult-like status on the Graffiti scene, Seize finds it impossible to repress his inherently creative spi


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