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Rivington Gallery
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Rivington Gallery

69 Rivington St
London EC2A 3AY
020 7739 7855 (not working)
Wed-Sun 12-5
Tube Old Street, Liverpool Street

A gallery in Hoxton run by the indomitable ex-New Yorker, Harold Werner Rubin,
who refuses to tow the party line and stages an enterprising and varied series of shows. It was the launch venue for the Stuckist Party and 'Vote Stuckist' show in 2001, also 'The Real Turner Prize Show 2001', as well as one man shows for Stuckists Nichollas Hamper and Charles Thomson, the first one woman show by (now ex) Stuckist Stella Vine, and works by other Stuckists in mixed shows. As well as exhibiting works of art including sculptures, paintings and photography, The Rivington Gallery also exhibits furniture and interior works. The gallery also hosts live Jazz music events four times a month (admission fees apply).