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Arty - Seaside Special

Transition Editions
36 pages
19.5 x 21 x 0.2 cm

Join Arty on a trip to the coast and find Chris Moxey’s modest Modernist palaces, Paul Rennies dippers, Delaine Le Bas’s nuclear visions, Matt Rowe’s down at heel funfair, an anthology of poetry by Gary O’Connor, Annabel Tilley’s hotels and much much more.

This seaside special of Arty is being published to accompany O Dreamland which takes place at Greatstone and Folkestone in Kent in August 2007. Named after Lindsay Andreson's 50s film about Margate’s Dreamland pleasure park the flm takes a grotesque look at the trudging pleasure seekers. O Dreamland the exhibition is more up beat looking for something beyond depravation, decline and regeneration. Skipping neatly through nostalgia it seeks to create something new and magical. Something which builds on the spirit of the twentieth century seaside heyday to create a new seaside.

Writers Martin Figura, Lucy Harrison, Helen Ivory, Tom Keogh, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon, Laura Mansfield, Paul Rennie, Annabel Tilley

Artists Sara Chew, Jake Clark, Rebecca Gould, Lucy Harrison, Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Cathy Lomax, Sophie Maccorquodale, Alex Michon, Chris Moxey, Laura Pasterfield, Matt Rowe, Annabel Tilley

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