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Transition Editions
Soft Cover
64 pages
19cm x 14cm x 0.6 cm

'Drifting and Shifting' - Introduction by Cathy Lomax
'A Modern Mess' - Charlie Porter looks at the artists and the area
Emily Cole - ‘Making Pretty: Emily Cole as Urban Tourist’by Iain Sinclair
Laura Oldfield Ford -Pages from the Savage Messiah zine
Hilary Jack - ‘The In-Betweeness of Things’ by Amanda Ravetz
Barbaresi & Round - ‘Homes and Housing’ - Older Hackney residents talk about their changing dwellings.
Tom Hunter - ‘Plane Truth’, Ruth Jarvis on London Fields and its trees.
Gary O’Connor - ‘Talking to Moses’, a chilling tale.
Matthew Stock - ‘Urban Perception’, surveillance in the gallery.
walkwalkwalk - ‘Delicious & Fresh, Fish & Chips, Fried to Perfection by Experts’ by Juliette Adair
'Participate Now' - I Dunnop interviews Tony Collins and Adam Wright, founders of Broadway Market fanzine The Eel -

Writers Juliette Adair, Laura Oldfield Ford, Ruth Jarvis, Cathy Lomax, Gary O'Connor, Amanda Ravetz, Iain Sinclair, matthew stock

Artists Emily Cole, Tom Hunter, Hilary Jack, matthew stock

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