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Fotograf - Collective Authorship

120 pages

A Czech photography magazine that aims to be a platform for a confrontation of opinions, ideas, information, critical and philosophical essays, used by both Czech and foreign art critics, historians and curators with an interest in photography. Mapping out the trends and new developments in photography and the related media at home and abroad, Fotograf strives to be a platform for all those who look on photography as a n integral part of contemporary art, and the freest of artistic medium open to all.

Issue 2 : Collective Authorship

The second issue of Fotograf explores issues surrounding group photographic collectives and their work, reigniting old arguments of authorship, identity and creative authority in the realm of collective production.

"Collective works in twosomes or larger groups are new and particularly frequent, particularly in the medium of photography. It is a fascinating aspect of contemporary artistic creation which compensates for the individuality of the artist and challenges preconceptions regarding genius and the singularity of the artistic persona, the model of the sublime creator, and the sovereign demiurge who is in and of himself the sole authority, setting aside the feedback loop created by his relationship with gallery owners, curators and his public."

editorial, Pavel Bańka

Featured artists //
Aziz A Cucher
Jasanský A Polák
Eva A Adele
Lishakova & Patockova
Greszykowska & Smaga

Writers Hynek Alt, Tomas Dvorak, Robert Fleck, Vaclav Hajek, Michaela Ivaniskinova, Viera Jancekova, Martin Kolar, Pavel Koziol, Lucia Lendelova, Pavel Liska, Milena Slavicka, Pavel Vancat

Artists Eva A Adele, Blume, Bratrstvo, Aziz A Cucher, Irwin, Jasanský A Polák

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