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Fotograf - Face

112 pages

A Czech photography magazine that aims to be a platform for a confrontation of opinions, ideas, information, critical and philosophical essays, used by both Czech and foreign art critics, historians and curators with an interest in photography. Mapping out the trends and new developments in photography and the related media at home and abroad, Fotograf strives to be a platform for all those who look on photography as a n integral part of contemporary art, and the freest of artistic medium open to all.

Issue 1 : Face

“Every face is unique because it does not signify anything other than itself; it is both the signifier and the signified, the undifferentiated. In every instant it is fully and completely this act of signifying, and only because of this we perceive it in every moment as alive…”

“Photography, whose time-tense is absence of the present, makes apparent the face, and with it the concept of uniqueness as an idea. Not an idea of the face, since that is nonsense. It reveals the precise idea of the uniqueness that is the sole reality of all the expressions of the face.”

Featured artists //
Lili Almog
Dita Pepe
Jolana Havelová
Karel Novák
Torben Eskerod
Jitka Hanzlová
Fazal Sheikh
Ivan Pinkava
Tereza Severová
Tomaź Gregorić
Matthew Monteith
Jesper Alvaer
Vojtĕch VLK
Missirkov & Bogdanov
Jan Freiberg
Karin Műller

Writers Hynek Alt, Pavel Banka, Vladmir Birgus, Karel Cisar, Antonin Dufek, Tomas Dvorak, Tomaz Gregoric, Vaclav Hajek, Pavel Koziol, Pavel Liska, Jan Micoch, Josef Moucha, Tomas Pospech, Walter Seidl, Josef Srejma, Petr Nedoma, Martina Pachmanova, Tomas Pospiszyl, Jiri Sevcik, Jana Sevcikova, Milena Slavicka, Anna Vartecka, Tomas Vlcek

Artists Lili Almog, Jesper Alvaer, Missirkov & Bogdanov, Torben Eskerod, Jan Freiberg, Jitka Hanzlová, Karin M?ller, Matthew Monteith, Karel Novák, Ivan Pinkava, Tereza Severová, Fazal Sheikh, Vojtech VLK

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