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Fotograf - The Recycled Image

118 pages

A Czech photography magazine that aims to be a platform for a confrontation of opinions, ideas, information, critical and philosophical essays, used by both Czech and foreign art critics, historians and curators with an interest in photography. Mapping out the trends and new developments in photography and the related media at home and abroad, Fotograf strives to be a platform for all those who look on photography as a n integral part of contemporary art, and the freest of artistic medium open to all.

Issue 6 : the recycled image

This issue explores the photograph as 'recycled image', exploring how the reproducibility and malleable qualities of the medium defy it as a linear art history.

" of the perculiar characteristics of photography is that most photographs have been printed from a negative, allowing the possibility of multiple reproductions to be made from a single matrix. In other words, photography has a process of recycling at its very heart."

"Of course, caught in the grip of art history an art museum conventions, these institutions wanted to show us the finest prints they could, in order to make the strongest possible case to be made anymore?"

geoffrey batchen - introduction

Featured artists //
Viktor Kopasz
Zbyněk Baladrán
Jaroslav Rösler
Stefan Hunstein
Annu Matthew
Sultan & Mandel
Michal Pĕchouček
Richard Weisner
Xavier Gautier
Ondřej Brody
Hannah Guy
Kathrine Thurlow
Markéta Kinterová

Writers Josef Moucha, Pavel Vancat, Pavel Banka, Hynek Alt

Artists Jaroslav Rösler, Stefan Hunstein, Annu Matthew, Sultan & Mandel, Michal P?chou?ek, Richard Weisner, Xavier Gautier, Ond?ej Brody, G.R.A.M., Hannah Guy, Kathrine Thurlow

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