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Garageland : Beauty

Transition Editions

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Beauty with all its allures and contradictions is the theme behind the fifth issue of the groundbreaking Garageland magazine.

The Beauty issue is an eclectic collection of interesting, informative and provocative articles tracking the very different experience of beauty from fashion to fine art, which generally takes a fairly dim view of the traditional idea of what beauty is. In this issue, beauty is pushed ot its absolute limits from the trans-gender deviancy of Divine and Leigh Bowery, to constructed cliches around race, to the exquisite beauty and horror of war imagery.

Includes an interview with prince of trash John Waters, Dolly Thompsett on war films, a phenomenological consideration of the blush in the paintings of Stella Vine, Erica Eyers squashed faces, the twisted practices of Bas Jan Ader and David Wojnarowicz, a portfolio of drawings by Rose Wylie and a paean to the Afro.

Writers Sarah Baker, Paul Becker, Leo Fitzmaurice, Mindy Lee, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon, Rachel Potts, Dolly Thompsett, Jo Wilmot, Rose Wylie

Artists Bas Jan Ader, Mamma Andersson, Stephen Davids, Leo Fitzmaurice, Mindy Lee, Cathy Lomax, Dallas Seitz, David Wojnarowicz, Mark Wright, Rose Wylie
Excerpts THE AFRO - Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud., Cathy Lomax, Transition Editions, -

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