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1 Great St Helen's
London EC3A 6HX
+44 (0)20 7448 6000
Tube Liverpool Street

Hiscox, headquartered in Bermuda is a specialist insurer, underwriting a particular range of personal and commercial risks.

We believe that by specialising we can deliver real value to our customers in our chosen areas. We do not deal in 'commodity' insurance, but concentrate on insurance where brains make a difference to each transaction.

A fundamental criterion in all our underwriting is that who we insure is more important than what we insure. By dealing only with honest and careful customers, we will have fewer claims and be able to quote wider cover with lower premiums, backed by rapid and fair payment of claims and excellent service.

Our focus gives us two significant and distinctive advantages. First, we can often insure risks other companies find too complex or unusual to cover; second, we can tailor policies very closely to the individual customer's requirements.

This combination of selectivity and exceptional expertise has, over the course of a century, driven us from a single underwriter based at Lloyd's into a FTSE 250 company with offices in 12 countries and customers around the world.

Our Structure

There are three main underwriting parts of the Group. Hiscox Global Markets, Hiscox UK and Europe, and Hiscox International.

* Hiscox Global Markets underwrites mainly internationally traded business in the London Market – generally large or complex business which needs to be shared with other insurers or needs the international licences of Lloyd’s.

* Hiscox UK and Hiscox Europe offer a range of specialist insurance for professionals and business customers, as well as high net worth individuals.

* Hiscox International includes offshore operations in Bermuda and Guernsey and Hiscox USA.

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