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Barrington Publications

54 Uxbridge Road

020 8740 7020
www.galleries.co.uk, www.artefact.co.uk

Galleries Magazine is published on or by the first monday of the month - every month of the year, With many illustrations, it lists upwards of 500 art galleries and related businesses showing exhibition or stock details as well as indicating where they are on maps. Editorial previews exhibitions, reviews the auction market and new books, the working side of the art business is explored through the 'Nuts & Bolts' section. There are indexes covering New Exhibition opening dates, galleries' stock specialisations, Artists and which galleries hold their work and a complete list of dealers with their telephone numbers.

The Collector has been published since 1987 on or by the first monday of every other month. Listing numerous specialist antique dealers, with the aid of maps, stock index, fairs and events diary and Internet directory, 20,000 copies of each issue are printed for distribution through dealer's shops, antiques fairs, hotels etc. Editorial covers the academic as well as the erudite aspects of buying and enjoying fine objects and artefacts. The magazine is particularly useful for visitors to the UK or those intending to visit.

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