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Freda Matassa

21 Cumberland Mansions
West End Lane
London NW6 1LL
+44 (0)207 431 4542
+44 (0)7967 690358
Tube West Hampstead, Hampstead

An art collection is a valuable asset and deserves to be managed and cared for by experts with specialist knowledge. With experience as a senior manager in the Tate Galleries as well as the Royal Academy of Arts and working in the US, Freda Matassa offers a unique service for private and corporate collections.

Drawing on a range of experts and adhering to national museum standards, each work is documented, handled and displayed with appropriate care and respect to ensure its longevity.

Installation, Handling, Storage
o Installation and art handling arranged & supervised
o Display and lighting
o Packing, moving, transport in specialist fine art

Cataloguing & Documentation
o Establishment & mainenance of inventory
o Tracking, rotation, stock-checks
o Photography, including x-ray, infra-red
o Policies, procedures, acquisitions, deeds

Loans & Exhibitions
o Loans negotiated and managed
o International transport and customs
o Exhibitions organised
o Experienced courier service

o Appropriate conservators sourced, costed and
o Condition checks and reports - individual works
or collection survey
o Advice on cleaning & maintaining artworks

o Advice on government indemnity and commercial
fine art insurance
o Risk management surveys arranged

All work undertaken to UK national museum standard

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