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Kent Services Ltd

Unit 3, Phase 2, Grace Road, Sheerness
Sheerness ME12 1DB
01795 660 812

It was in 1971 that Mr Gary Thompson, the then Scientific Adviser at the National Gallery made contact with Packing Advisory Services (John Roffey General Manager) to commission a wide ranging investigation and report on the then current methods of packging for Works of Art and to draw heavily on the Group's extensive technical experience in the Defence Packaging Industry. The report was completed and presented in 1972 with the understanding that it would take time and very careful consideration as to the methods of making improvements and their implementation.

During the 1970s an evolving situation such as increases in the numbers of loans, new mechanical handling systems and intrinsic values of Works of Art led ultimately to the decision in 1981 by Gary Thompson in conjunction with his assistant Sarah Staniforth and Margaret Stewart, the Registrar, to initiate a Fine Art Container development project. This was principally to establish sound technical and scientific criteria for the design and manufacture of packing cases for two-dimensional objects, and to undertake environmental testing of resultant designs. The details of this work were published in the National Gallery Technical Bulletin Issue No.8 dated 1984.

Concurrent with the National Gallery's decision in 1981 to commence the development project, John Roffey, now Managing Director of Dristyle Products Limited, another company within the same Group, together with colleagues David Fellowes, Sheila Amey, and others created a parallel business activity specifically devoted to Galleries and Museums called 'The Museums and Galleries Container Service', the essence of which was to lease high performance re-usable containers as part of a dedicated design and specialist packaging service for Works of Art.

Organisational changes affecting the principal individuals in Dristyle Products led ultimately to the formation of Kent Services on 1 January 1998 and complete severance from the Defence Packaging Industry.

Since that time Kent Services has been uniquely and specifically committed to providing an increasingly diverse range of services and product solutions to an ever greater number of Museums, Galleries and Private Collections whilst maintaining it's commitment to the many customers who specified the Container Leasing Service from its inception.

Global protection and
the part we play

Protection for art objects travelling worldwide...

Protection for the environment with sustainable products...

ACID RAIN is created when fossil fuels are burnt releasing harmful oxides into the lower atmosphere falling back to earth as acidic rain. Re-using materials saves energy..

DEFORESTATION - is the destruction of the world's forests adding to the concentration of carbon dioxides (CO2) in the atmosphere. Re-using materials reduces the waste of valuable timber...

WASTE - which cannot be re-cycled requires large amounts of energy and space to ensure its safe disposal. Re-using mater

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