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News/Reviews Gretta Sarfaty’s Modes of Past, commentart.com, 11.Apr.13 , Gallery Newsletter, commentart.com, 14.Nov.11 , Jeffrey Silverthorne Interview Series, commentart.com, 03.Oct.11 , India, commentart.com, 27.Aug.11 , Videogame appropriation in contemporary art: Tetris. By Mathias Jansson, commentart.com, 09.Dec.10 , Antlers - Bristol's new nomadic art gallery, commentart.com, 23.Nov.10 , Furtherfield returns to Resonance FM., commentart.com, 01.Oct.10 , Spill >> Forward by Transnational Temps (Review)., commentart.com, 23.Sep.10 , shockingly rude shop owners......, commentart.com, 09.Aug.10 , New Studios Available in Bow, E3, commentart.com, 03.Dec.09 , wireless, commentart.com, 01.Dec.09 , VisitorsStudio wins the Grand Prize - netarts.org 2009, commentart.com, 20.Nov.09 , Takashi Murakami (b. 1963),, commentart.com, 05.Oct.09 , A true disappointment, commentart.com, 19.Apr.09 , "The phantom of Phantasma" by Amanda Coulson, commentart.com, 19.Mar.09 , Contemporary Art Projects Gallery is shutting down, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 28.Feb.09 , The Sawdust Review: Hugh McCarthy at studio1.1, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 26.Feb.09 , Art Daegu- Korea, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 13.Feb.09 , FRIEZE ART FAIR, SCOPE ART FAIR and ZOO ART FAIR in October 2008, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 12.Dec.08 , Richard Woods edition Thumbs Up available exclusively through works|projects, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 27.Nov.08 , Central St Martins BA - Fine Art, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 24.Nov.08 , Westminster BA Mixed Media Fine Art Degree, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 24.Nov.08 , Revolution Deformation, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 08.Nov.08 , 'Basquiat', Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 29.Oct.08 , Zoo Art Fair - is it what is was, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 21.Oct.08 , The Wharf Road Project review, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 12.Oct.08 , Chelsea MA Degree Show 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 22.Sep.08 , "Mind the gap”: fill the space between two different artists, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 21.Sep.08 , Wimbledon MA Fine Art show 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 13.Sep.08 , UEL Fine Art MA show 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 09.Sep.08 , Central St Martins MA Degree Show 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 04.Sep.08 , Review of Start Your Collection!, Marina Giostra, commentart.com, 12.Aug.08 , Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Degree show - 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 15.Jul.08 , RCA - MA Sculpture show -2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 01.Jul.08 , Wimbledon BA Degree Show, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 28.Jun.08 , Byam Shaw Degree Show BA Fine Art - 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 27.Jun.08 , Camberwell Degree Show BA Fine Art - 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 24.Jun.08 , City & Guilds School Degree Show BA Fine Art - 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 24.Jun.08 , Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Degree show - 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 17.Jun.08 , Chealsea BA Fine Art Degree show - 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 17.Jun.08 , Fine Art degree show - London Metropolitan 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 12.Jun.08 , MA degree show Royal Academy Schools 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 12.Jun.08 , Slade MA / MFA Degree show 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 10.Jun.08 , RCA - Fine Art MA show, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 09.Jun.08 , Fine Art Degree Show UEL 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 03.Jun.08 , Fine Art Degree Show 2008 University of Hertfordshire, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 27.May.08 , Compilation of 2008 London Area Art Degree Shows, Trevor Attwood, commentart.com, 23.May.08 , Slade BA Degree Show 2008, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 22.May.08 , WiFi turns Hoxton Square into mini Barcelona, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 22.May.08 , Link to Muto Video by BLU, Imogen Welch, , 21.May.08 , Life Before Death, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 13.May.08 , Cans Festival, Imogen Welch, commentart.com, 13.May.08 , A review of 'Abandoned', John Randolph Davies, commentart.com, 30.Mar.08 , A Review of Ruins and Landscapes, John Randolph Davies, commentart.com, 12.Mar.08 , Review of Making Something Your Own, Nerea Perez, commentart.com, 09.Mar.08 , Like a Ghost from the Memory Arising Unbidden, Nerea Perez, commentart.com, 22.Feb.08 , Start Your Collection!, Leann Barber, commentart.com, 18.Jan.08 , The temple of Bunny Girl Fairies, Leann Barber, commentart.com, 06.Dec.07 , Review for ‘This Is England’ at the Leonard Street Gallery; Artist: Matthew Small., Madeleine Hunter, commentart.com, 30.Nov.07 , COCKAIGNE, Madeleine Hunter, commentart.com, 19.Sep.07 , Hiraki Sawa at the Chisenhale HAKO, Madeleine Hunter, commentart.com, 19.Sep.07 , New Creative quarter for East London, Madeleine Hunter, commentart.com, 07.Sep.07 , Eloise Fornieles at Paradise Row 'From the deep waters of sleep', Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 01.Sep.07 , SMALL FINDS at PEER TANIA KOVATS museum of the white horse, Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 20.Aug.07 , ABSTRACT CONTINUOUS new paintings by Tom Owen, Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 20.Aug.07 , Trajectories The Agency 15 a Cremer st E2 8HD, Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 20.Aug.07 , ARTWALKS, Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 20.Aug.07 , 'Says the junk in the yard', Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 12.Aug.07 , Bambi meets Edvard Munch, Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 04.Jul.07 , Lounge artists shortlisted for Celeste Prize, Lucinda Holmes, commentart.com, 01.Jun.07 , Hideaway, Blanca Garay, commentart.com, 29.May.07 , The Dream, Paul Demuth, commentart.com, 23.May.07 , Ekagrata First solo exhibition of painter Guillermo Caivano, Silvia Bordin, commentart.com, 15.May.07 , Shift magazine on East London Art Walks, Silvia Bordin, commentart.com, 21.Apr.07 , Hotdogs and Heroes, Donna Sadler, commentart.com, 26.Mar.07 , Lilith, Donna Sadler, commentart.com, 26.Mar.07 , Mirror Mirror on the wall, Donna Sadler, commentart.com, 26.Mar.07 , Hotel Vacation: Bianca Brunner, Deepa Bhandari, commentart.com, 02.Nov.06

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