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Banksy Rat on way to America; Shoreditch residents devastated!


Author Leann Barber

I was working in the gallery on a late Sunday afternoon when RW stopped by. "What's going on with the Banksy?" he queried. As I had no idea what he was talking about, I got the keys and walked towards the carpark and sounds of hammering and sawing.

The Banksy Rat and telephone on the side of the building in the carpark were in the process of being boarded up by 3 workmen. I feared the worst. "What's going on with the Banksy?" I asked.

"It's on its way to America" was the response. "It's been sold for a 1 million pounds. We are boarding it up to protect it from other graffitti until it is moved".

"This is terrible!" I cried. "It is a Shoreditch institution. It is MY Banksy!"

The workman shook his head and continued with another plank. "Unless you have a 1 million you are out of luck."

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