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WiFi turns Hoxton Square into mini Barcelona, 22.May.08

Shoreditch Trust

Hoxton Square, in the heart of fashionable Shoreditch, could soon bear more than a passing resemblance to Barcelona as it becomes East London’s first public outdoor space with free wireless internet access.

Throughout this summer, local residents, workers and tourists will have the opportunity to bring their work into the sunshine. Thanks to Shoreditch Trust and three local businesses, London Metropolitan University’s Accelerator, Lucidica IT and Tiger Beer, the whole of Hoxton Square will be ‘Wi-Fi ready’ – making it a fantastic place to meet, work, relax and socialise throughout the day.

Project organiser Rachel Jay said: “Unlike the Spanish and Italians, we Brits often don’t know how to make the best use of our public spaces. It’s such a waste that most of us can only use the square in our lunch hour or at the weekends. Now it can become our office too!”

Paul Daly, who owns Zigfrid Bar & Restaurant on Hoxton Square, said: “This is a great initiative. I was in Barcelona recently and it just amazed me how much more relaxed everyone was – a lot to do with the outdoor culture. I do believe we can turn Hoxton Square into a mini-Barcelona; maybe we can change its name to Hoxton Beach!”

The service will be running from 6 June to 30 September and local businesses and residents will be invited to a summer launch event in Hoxton Square on July 3, with plenty more networking and lifestyle events to follow.

Anyone wishing to use the service is invited to come down to Hoxton Square, point their browser to and start surfing!


For more information please contact
Rachel Jay
020 7324 5119
07782 131 464

Editors Notes
•If you would like to attend the launch please email Rachel Jay as above.
•For more information on any of the partners contact Rachel Jay as above or visit these websites.
Shoreditch Trust
Lucidica IT
London Met Accelerator
Tiger Beer

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